Wilde Pedique Gel for Toenail Reconstruction

LCN Wilde Pedique gel was developed for corrective and restorative nail treatments. It can be used to reconstruct toenails damaged by infection or trauma, nails that are cracked or split, or simply to enhance healthy toenails.  

Here at The Comfoot Zone, we select our products very carefully, as we want our patients to receive the best treatments available. So why did we choose Wilde Pedique? 

  • It is a highly elastic gel, allowing the toenails to move naturally with the movement of the feet and toes. 
  • It looks and feels exactly like a natural toenail. 
  • The gel has antifungal properties, so it treats the infected nail. 
  • It adds strength to the nail, protecting it from damage. 
  • It is non-porous, meaning moisture won’t get through the material, so it prevents the fungus spreading. 
  • The prosthetic nail won’t damage the natural nail nor restrict growth.  

One of the most important parts of the treatment for fungal nails is to remove as much of the fungus as possible.  

If you have a fungal infection, we highly recommend seeing a foot health expert. At The Comfoot Zone, Deborah is able to clean and reduce the infected nail- this is a very important step as it will remove as much of the diseased nail as possible.  

Deborah uses natural oils to treat the fungus, which she has found to be highly effective, and if desired can be used alongside Wilde Pedique gel to treat the nail/s and enhance their appearance.  

Be warned, though, fungus can be stubborn, and even with these great treatments it may take some time to clear.  

If you would like more info, feel free to email us on info@comfootzone.co.uk or call us on 01903 532159!