Why You Need Coenzyme Q10!

What is Coenzyme Q10? It is a compound that is produced by our bodies and is stored in the mitochondria of the cells. It isn’t considered to be a vitamin, but it has similar properties such as assisting with reactions in the body. 

It is produced naturally in the body, but from the age of 20 our levels start to drop, so it’s beneficial to supplement it. Personally, I take ubiquinol tablets – ubiquinol is the substance that CoQ10 converts into in the body, so it means that it is far more easy to absorb and the body doesn’t have to do any work to convert it. 

So why do we need this compound? Firstly, it helps generate energy in the body – assisting with production of ATP which is the body’s primary fuel.

It’s also one of the most powerful antioxidants that we can get! It helps prevent free radical damage, so it can fight aging as well as protecting against many diseases.

Studies have shown that taking CoQ10 might be an effective treatment for heart failure – reducing damage and improving symptoms. It has also been used to help with the symptoms of Diabetes, as it regulates blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity. 

Interestingly, Cancer patients have been shown to have low levels of CoQ10. Damaged cells increase the risk of Cancer, and CoQ10 helps protect cells from damage. Supplementing with it may reduce the risk of Cancer, even reducing the risk of recurrence in previous Cancer patients. 

It may also help to reduce and prevent migraines, increase fertility, and has been shown to improve performance during exercise. 

So how should you take it? As mentioned, one of the forms it comes in is called Ubiquinol. The other is Ubiquinone. The former accounts for 90% of CoQ10 in the blood and is the most absorbable form. It’s recommended to take it with food, as this helps the body to absorb it. The body can’t store it so it needs to be taken regularly. 

It can be found in foods such as pork, beef, chicken, mackerel, sardines, peanuts, pistachios, and others. However, the amount in food is relatively low and it would be very difficult to get all you need from food, so it’s better to take a supplement – you need to take 100-200mg per day.