Why We Swear By Tea Tree Oil


I’ve previously written a post about how amazing lavender oil is, but another essential oil (which in my opinion really is essential) is tea tree oil! In our household it’s kind of like how the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding uses Windex for everything… 


There are so many uses and benefits to tea tree oil, it’s impossible to list them all. But here are a few ways that we love to use it:


One huge benefit is its antifungal properties, making it fantastic for treating fungal nail infections. Deborah always endeavours to use natural products in her treatments, and one way she treats infected nails is by using tea tree oil. It’s equally as effective as antifungal medications but without the nasty chemicals!


Another wonderful thing about tea tree oil is the way it can soothe skin inflammation such as dermatitis, eczema, zits, bites, and even burns. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, making it ideal to ease sore skin while lowering the risk of infection at the same time!


It’s recommended to mix it with a carrier oil when using it to treat the skin – you can mix it with aloe vera oil for burns, with coconut, almond or another oil for eczema or dermatitis, and you can use it neat on zits/bites.


Additionally, tea tree oil is fantastic for helping to clear sinuses when you have a cold. I do this by putting boiling water (from the kettle) into a bowl with a few drops of tea tree oil and then putting a towel over it, then put my head under the towel, over the bowl to breathe in the tea tree infused steam for about 10 minutes a time.

The antiviral properties will help to kill the cold virus, and it’s also an analgesic so it will help to relieve pain. Steaming tea tree oil is also beneficial for the skin and can help with acne!


It also works really well as an insect repellent, helps with dandruff, oral hygiene and even makes a great household cleaner, and these are just a few of the endless uses for this amazing oil!