This Chemical Is Found In Everyday Products – Including Food!

The chemical in question is actually a family of man-made chemicals called Phthalates. Firstly, what are they?

They are chemicals that make plastic soft and flexible, and they are found in many everyday products – including food!


So what kind of products contain phthalates?

Everything from cosmetics such as perfumes, nail polishes, soaps and moisturisers to vinyl flooring, detergent, meat and dairy products!

Exposure to phthalates is particularly dangerous to unborn foetuses, and they have been linked to stunted growth, language delay, behavioural problems, heart conditions and allergy development in children.


There’s not a lot of conclusive evidence as to the danger of commonly used phthalates for adults, although some forms of this chemical family have been banned, and research suggests that they may disrupt your body’s hormones and reproductive system.


How can you avoid the risk?

Well, phthalates aren’t intentionally added to food products, they come from the plastic containers used during production, processing or storage.

Food with higher fat content is more likely to absorb the phthalates, too.


The best way to reduce your intake of phthalates is to:

  • Avoid storing/heating food in plastic containers
  • Try to eat more whole foods
  • Avoid too many heavily processed foods
  • Opt for organic, grass-fed meat and dairy products
  • Use a water filter, as there’s a possibility that your tap water could contain phthalates

Here at the Comfoot Zone, we are dedicated to using safe products. We use Tropic skincare/foot care products in most of our treatments – which are natural, vegan, and free from chemicals. We also use ZOYA nail polish which is chemical-free, and we now offer completely chemical-free facial treatments.