The Best Breakfast Foods

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s really the best thing to eat to start your day. What will give you energy, keep you full, and give you the nutrients you need? Here’s a few ideas for the best breakfast foods! 



Eggs are an inexpensive option, and they’re full of nutrients including vitamin A, D, and B12.

They have been shown to increase feelings of fullness and help maintain steady blood sugar and insulin levels. Eggs are especially beneficial for eye, brain and liver health. 

Eggs are also great because they’re versatile – you can poach, scramble, hardboil, or even make an omelette! 


Greek Yogurt 

Greek yogurt or Skyr are also healthy breakfast options. Because it’s high in protein, it reduces feelings of hunger. Certain types of yogurt are also probiotic, meaning that they enhance your gut health, and they’re also full of other beneficial nutrients.

You can add fruit and seeds to your yogurt to add to the flavour and give you even more of a nutrient boost!  



Berries are packed with antioxidants, and are low in sugar but high in fiber. They’ve been shown to have many health benefits, including helping to reduce inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and protecting the blood vessels. 



Porridge oats contain a unique fiber known as oat beta-glucan, which has many health benefits, including reducing cholesterol, and it also promotes feelings of fullness. Oats are full of antioxidants too. 

Enjoy it with some milk for added protein, and it’s also delicious with a variety of toppings such as honey, fruit, nuts, seeds, or whatever else takes your fancy!


Nuts/Nut Butter 

Nuts are fairly high in calories, but evidence suggests that our body doesn’t absorb all of the fat in them. They’re very filling and nutritious – they’ve been shown to decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease. They can also stabilize blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

Nut butters are also great – they’re high in protein, and have the same health benefits as nuts. You could add chopped nuts to your yogurt, or top some whole grain toast with nut butter, or enjoy a wholegrain cracker with nut butter and fruit – for a filling and healthy breakfast! 



All types of fruits contain vitamins and nutrients, and are relatively low in calories. Fruit is also flying because it’s high in fiber. You can pair it with a variety of things – we’ve mentioned yogurt and porridge but you can also have it with toast, healthy pancakes, or whole-grain waffles. 



Avocados are full of healthy fats and fiber, meaning they keep you feeling full.

They also contain a high amount of B vitamins and unsaturated fats – and they’re good for decreasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease and even some types of cancer.

Enjoying it on whole grain toast is a nutritious and delicious breakfast choice!