The Benefits Of Cycling…

The city I live in has rental bikes everywhere at a very cheap price, so I’ve decided that this year I want to try cycling as a new way of exercising. But I was wondering, what are the benefits of cycling? Let’s take a look!

Firstly, cycling is a good form of cardio which is low-impact and beneficial for building strength and stamina. According to one source, regular cyclists enjoy fitness levels equal to those of a person ten years younger! So it’s a great way to improve fitness without trying too hard!

Secondly, cycling doesn’t require much skill – it’s something most of us learnt as children, so it’s pretty easy just to hop on a bike and start using it without worrying that you’re doing it wrong!

Another thing that’s good about it is that it’s a fun way to exercise while exploring, so you don’t get bored. It’s easy to fit it into your lifestyle, and it is very adaptable – you can use it as a form of transport and it can be as high or low intensity as you want.

On a similar note, it’s really good for your mental well-being because it combines two things that are known to improve mental health and mood – exercise and being outdoors. Cycling by yourself gives you time to think and clear your mind, while cycling with others promotes friendship and support.

Another benefit is that it can improve efficiency – one study found that people who exercised before work or during their lunch break performed better at work, were more motivated and dealt better with stressful situations.

Plus when you feel tired it can actually give you more energy –  even a few minutes of physical activity can lower fatigue levels and make you feel more awake!

The last point I have discovered is that it’s a good way to replace bad habits or addictions – if you can get addicted to a fun physical activity you can avoid unhealthy addictions such as overeating or drinking alcohol, and you’ll feel much better for it!