Thank You, Australia!

This Friday- 26th January- marks Australia’s biggest national holiday- Australia Day! When we heard about this, we realized just how many of our products come from Australia!


Our footwear range- Vionic– was originally designed by Australian podiatrist Dr Phillip Vasyli in order to realign the feet to the natural position and therefor relieve many common foot problems.


Why do we stock these sandals? Many people use insoles in their shoes to give their arches needed support, which is easy during winter, but when it gets too hot for closed-in shoes it becomes more difficult.

Most summer shoes offer very little support, and can cause damage and pain when worn excessively. This is why we felt it was important for us to source supportive sandals with built in arch support- and we find Vionic Medical Sandals do the job fantastically (whilst looking nice at the same time)!


So thank you to the late Dr Vasyli for his work developing and creating this great concept!


We’re also passionate about looking after our body- and one way we can do this is by using chemical-free products. This is why we use and stock Tropic Skincare– created by Australian entrepreneur Susan Ma.


The principles behind Tropic are summed up in three words; pure, honest and effective. The range is Vegan and no products are used which cause harm or distress to animals. Their ingredients are 100% naturally derived or nature identical.


They have a wide range of products from body washes and deodorant, to fake tan, sun protection, and makeup! We love their products so much that we use them in our treatments at The Comfoot Zone, and swear by them at home!


So once again, thanks goes to an Australian for her innovation and hard work!


Other natural products we love and use here include the essential oils Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle, both hailing from Queensland, Australia!

They both have many diverse benefits- too many to list- including treating fungal infections, use as a bug repellent, getting rid of colds/flu, and treating skin conditions.


The Australian company ICB Medical have been forerunners in heat-moldable orthotic design since they were established in the year 2000, and our therapist Deborah trained with them to qualify in Biomechanics last year.


So as you can see, The Comfoot Zone definitely wouldn’t be the same without a little help from the Aussies!