How Coconut Oil Benefits Your Skin

Using coconut oil on your skin can prevent harmful microorganisms from growing. This is because it contains lauric acid, which is the most effective type of fatty acid in fighting against the growth of bacteria. 

Another fatty acid found in coconut oil is capric acid, which is also antimicrobial as well as antifungal. 


Coconut oil can also add moisture to dry skin, so it can be used as an overnight moisturizer, and has also been used to treat eczema and acne. 


Following on from that, another benefit to coconut oil is its antiinflammatory properties. One way it can decrease inflammation is due to the high number of antioxidants it contains. 

Free radicals in our body can contribute to inflammation, and antioxidants work to stabilize the free radicals, thus lowering inflammation.

More studies are needed, but it seems that coconut oil can potentially lower inflammation in the skin.