Deluxe Foot Treatment (Medical Pedicure)

This treatment will take care of any medical problems on your feet- corns, callous, hard skin, etc- (see ‘Foot Health Treatment’) plus you also get treated to a pedicure.

It entails a full Foot Health Treatment (see below), plus a foot soak, moisturising foot massage, cuticle work, and toenails buffed and treated with vitamin oil or painted using ZOYA Nail Polish.

It’s the perfect treatment to achieve healthy and pretty feet!

Foot Health Treatment

Toenails cut and filed, thickened nails reduced, corns removed, hard skin, callous, fissures, foot infections, verrucae, ingrown toenails and foot pain treated/advised.

Toe Nail Reconstruction

Wilde Pedique gel to reconstruct toenails damaged by infection or trauma. The gel is formulated to protect and treat the problem nail, also improving the appearance. Can also be used to enhance healthy toenails.

A Wilde Pedique Toenail Reconstruction appointment also includes a full Foot Health Treatment (as described above).

Price List

Prices from April 2021


Unfortunately, due to the high costs of hygiene equipment during the Coronavirus pandemic, we have had no choice but to increase our prices. Thank you for understanding.


Foot Health Treatment

From £30.00

(nail painting not currently available)

Deluxe Foot Treatment

(Medical Pedicure)


Toenail Reconstruction


Physiotherapy Consultation/Biomechanical Assessment

£65.00 (1 hr)

Follow-up Physiotherapy/Acupuncture

£45.00 (1 hr)

Custom-made Orthotics


Biomechanical Follow-up/Adjustment


Sports Massage

up to an hour £45.00




Prices are subject to change without notice, however we will endeavour to give our customers a few months notice on the rare occasion that it becomes necessary to increase our prices.

Last price increases: April 2021, June 2020 (Foot Health), January 2019, May 2017 (Medical Pedicure).