Sidas are an innovative company who aim to provide comfort for every foot, in every sport and in everyday life.

They make a wide range of products, and here at The Comfoot Zone we are proud to use their equipment and material to create custom made orthotics, plus we stock a small selection of their everyday insoles.

Vionic Footwear uses technology developed by Dr Phillip Vasyli, with the aim of creating life-changing footwear.

The sandals they produce are designed to correct foot function by re-alligning the feet to the natural position- much like orthotic insoles.

We love them because they incorporate effective arch support with stylish designs for everyday summer comfort!

LCN Wilde Pedique gel was developed for corrective and restorative nail treatments.

It can be used to reconstruct toenails damaged by infection or trauma, nails that are cracked or split, or simply to enhance healthy toenails.

Mr. Terry Hallett has been a Physiotherapist for over eighteen years, and specializes in Lower-Limb Biomechanics.

Here at The Comfoot Zone, he uses Sidas technology to make bespoke custom-made orthotics. They are flexible, but also durable, and offer maximum shock absorption.