How To Wake Up Without Coffee!

On a typical morning, before I can fully focus on work I need my coffee hit. Sometimes I feel pretty dependent on it if I’m honest. I recently came across an article which piqued my interest – it was a list of ways to beat morning fatigue, and coffee wasn’t on there! I’ve been putting some of these suggestions to the test, and I have to say, they really do work! 

In fact, in the past week I have had no desire for coffee in the morning, yet I’ve felt totally awake and focused! I’ll go through some of the tips I’ve found, including ones I’ve tried and ones I’ve not yet tried! 

The first one is something I’ve known for years, but have never been able to master – not hitting the snooze button at all in the morning. 

Basically, once you’re awake, you should get up rather than allowing yourself to snooze again and again. Spending half an hour in the morning in what’s called ‘fragmented sleep’ can really mess up your focus throughout the day. 

However, I have come across a hack that I’m going to try! Set an alarm for 90 minutes before you need to get up, and another for the time you actually need to get up. The theory behind this is that your body will then experience one last full sleep cycle before waking up, rather than being interrupted part-way through. 

The second tip is something I have been doing the past week. Usually, I wake up and immediately get a cup of tea. But it’s actually much better to start your day with water. Fatigue can be caused by dehydration, and by the time we wake up we’ve gone a long time without drinking anything, so it makes sense that a nice glass of water will rehydrate us, and help us feel fresh, ready to start the day! 

The third one is actually one of my favourites, I find that it makes a huge difference. Take some time to stretch in the morning. Even if you can only spare 10 or 15 minutes, it really helps you feel better. It stimulates the production of endorphins, boosting your energy levels and kick-starting brain function! 

A fourth tip is to avoid sugar in the morning. Eating sugary cereal or pastries and drinking sweet drinks will cause your blood sugar to spike and later drop, leaving you feeling drained. 

You can also try giving yourself something to look forward to later in the day to help motivate you! Maybe schedule a call with a friend, plan to go for a nice walk, or treat yourself to a yummy breakfast/lunch!

Last but not least, something that I’ve found really works is doing some cardio in the morning to really wake you up. It gets your blood pumping and boosts your energy. Even just a quick workout does the trick, and I’ve found it to be even more effective than coffee!