How To Prepare Your Feet For Summer!

Blog by Hatti

It’s getting round to that time of year where we can ditch our coats and jumpers in favour of shorts and maybe the casual light jacket. But what about our feet? Don’t they deserve to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine too?

It is surprising how many people are ashamed to get their feet out in the summer months. This can be down to having kept them covered all winter, people haven’t necessarily taken notice of their feet so now they feel they need too much work to be on show. It can be due to fungal nail infections or conditions such as athletes foot. But the fresh air is actually good for your feet and nails for many reasons – and we’re here to help you get them sandal ready and keep your feet looking their best!

So what if your feet just need a little TLC? Perhaps you suffer with dry, cracked heels or like me you struggle with ingrown toenails. Perhaps it is verruca you are suffering with, or is it a corn? Well, the easiest and most enjoyable way to get all of these problems sorted out properly is to have a professional do all the hard work! And it doesn’t take long either.

A Foot Health treatment with Deborah lasts between 30-45 minutes and that one treatment might be all your feet need to get them manageable for yourself again. I see Deborah mainly to have my ingrown nails treated, but I can manage my feet the rest of the time at home by using foot soaks and the occasional use of a Tropic foot pebble.

When it comes to verrucae, it isn’t always easy to tell one apart from a corn. Deborah will be able to help you identify which it is, and then give you treatment and advice accordingly. 

What if you have a more serious problem? Do you have a fungal infection of the nail? This is actually all too common and most of the treatment can be done in your own home without costing the earth! The first thing to do though, would be to make an appointment to see a Foot Health Practitioner, Chiropodist or Podiatrist.

Here at The Comfoot Zone, Deborah is able to clean and reduce damaged nails using natural treatments and products. From there, you can treat the fungal infection at home using tea tree oil or marigold tincture, but it is important that the nail has been reduced by a professional first.

However, fungal infections do take a while to be cured and in the mean time, your feet need the fresh air and most people want to be able to enjoy sandals in the warmer weather. Which is why Deborah offers LCN Wilde Pedique. This is a resin gel used to reconstruct nails, and once applied it looks and feels like a normal nail while protecting and treating the damaged nail.

Wilde Pedique has proven particularly popular for those suffering with fungal nail infections but it can also be used on those who have nails damaged by trauma, perhaps having lost part or most of the nail and it works for cracked or split nails too. If you would like to know more or would like to book an appointment with Deborah so we can help get your feet back to looking their best then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

And what if you suffer from something like athletes foot? This can be treated by over-the-counter products from your local pharmacy. But to avoid getting athletes foot there are a list of Do’s and Dont’s! Ensuring you wash and dry your feet properly is important. Wearing clean socks every day and also taking your shoes off once you are home to allow your feet to breath. Avoid wearing shoes that make your feet hot and sweaty.

If you think you are suffering from athletes foot but over-the-counter products haven’t worked then make an appointment with your GP. If you suffer from a weakened immune system or diabetes then it is best that you make an appointment with your GP as soon as you realise you have a rash or infection.

Perhaps your feet only need a little work but you feel like treating yourself, and for this Deborah offers a Deluxe Foot Health treatment which our customers love. You get all the medical benefits of a Foot Health Treatment, but with the added bonus of a foot soak, a moisturising foot massage, cuticle care and of course your nails either buffed and treated with vitamin oil, or painted in your choice of one of our beautiful, chemical-free ZOYA nail polishes. This is the perfect treat for your feet!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start getting your feet summer ready!