Does Your Shoe Size Matter?

Do you know your correct foot size? Does it always stay the same? Does it matter? Let’s look at some facts!


Several studies have found that around 75% of people are wearing the wrong shoe size (length and width)! This can cause many foot problems, such as bunions, hammertoes and ingrown toenails, and is especially dangerous for older people or those with diabetes.


I have certainly been guilty of buying a bigger size because I have wide feet, but squishing your feet into shoes that are too tight, or wearing shoes that slip or lack support in the right places because they’re too big, can lead to many painful conditions and deformities.  


Does your foot size ever change?


As we get older, our ligaments and tendons start to lose elasticity, so our feet spread. So it’s important to keep an eye on your shoe size, and bear in mind that it will change over time. If you’re over 30, and you swear your shoes feel tighter, it’s probably time to get your feet measured!


Weight gain (including pregnancy) can also change your shoe size. This is because the extra pressure on your feet can cause them to flatten, so they can become longer and wider.


So as we can see, many of us are probably wearing the wrong size shoe, or have done at some point, but it’s definitely important to check as it can lead to problems and pain. Also, we must remember not to assume our shoe size, because it will change as we get older!