DIY Luxury Facial for Lockdown

As the second phase of lockdown has begun and beauty salons are once again closed, here is how you can pamper yourself with a DIY facial at home!


Start by gathering your products. You’ll need a cleanser/make-up remover, toner, exfoliator, mask, and moisturiser. Here are some ideas if you want to make some of them yourself:


Firming Antioxidant Vitamin C Toner:

You’ll need:

Rind of organic lemon, orange or both

1 tbsp witch hazel

Heat safe container/jar with lid

1 cup boiling water


Dark glass spray bottle


It’s important to use organic fruit because otherwise it will contain pesticides, which you definitely don’t want to be applying to your face! 

Remove the rind from the fruit and put it into the heat safe container/jar. Pour 1 cup of boiling water on top and put the lid on. Leave it to infuse overnight. 

The next day, strain the water into the spray bottle, add 1 tbsp of witch hazel, and voila! There you have your vitamin C toner! 


Homemade Exfloiator: 

You’ll need:

Granulated sugar

Olive or grapeseed oil (dry skin)

Juice of one lemon and tsp honey (oily skin)


-For dry skin, mix a tbsp of granulated sugar with enough olive or grapeseed oil to make a paste.


-For oily skin, mix the same amount of sugar with the juice of one lemon (and if you wish you can also add a tsp of honey!) 


Homemade Mask:

You’ll need:

½ tsp activated charcoal powder

¼ tsp turmeric

½ tsp full fat yogurt 

½ tsp witch hazel


Combine all ingredients except the witch hazel, mixing them until smooth. Then add the witch hazel gradually, a dash at a time. You may need less witch hazel because you don’t want it to be too runny. 


How to treat yourself to a facial at home:

Before the facial, remove all make-up and gently clean your face. Now you’re ready to start!

The first step is to exfoliate. You can use the homemade exfoliator above, or maybe you already have one you like to use. Take a small amount and use your ring and pinky fingers to gently apply to your face in circular motions. 

Wash it off with warm water. 

Next, steam. Get a heatproof bowl, and add boiling water. You can also add a few drops of essential oil if you want to. Put a towel over the bowl, and then put your head under the towel, over the bowl, so you can lean over the bowl and breath in the steam. This opens your pores and soothes your skin. Sit there for 10-15 minutes.

Next, apply a mask. You can use the recipe above, buy a read-made mask, or find a different recipe if you prefer. If you want to take the relaxation up a notch you can prepare a bath beforehand and soak in the tub while wearing your mask. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it off with fresh running warm water. 

After you have rinsed off your mask, you can now apply a few sprays of toner. Again, you can use the above recipe or your favourite shop-bought product. 

The last step is one of the most important so don’t skip! You need to hydrate your skin by adding moisturiser. Some people like to use a serum first and then add moisturiser, it’s up to you. I have very dry skin so I tend to use coconut oil but you can use whichever moisturiser suits your skin. 

That’s it! I for one can’t wait to try this out – hope you will too!