Delicious Sugar-Free Summer Drinks

Fruity Iced Tea

What you need: 

-Fruit tea bag

-Boiled water


-Slice of lemon


-1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)



How to make it:


Boil the water, and pour into a mug with your fruit tea bag. Add a sliced up strawberry and a slice of lemon. Add sweetener to taste. (Optionally add Apple Cider Vinegar.)  Allow to cool in the fridge for around an hour. Add to a cocktail shaker or a similar container with ice, and shake. Serve. 



What you need:

-Dry red wine

-Citrus flavoured vodka (sugar-free)

-Sprite Zero, Slimline Tonic or something similar

-Fresh lime juice

-Handful of berries and/or few slices of peaches or mangoes or other fruits. 

-Fresh mint leaves


How to make it:

Take a jug and fill it halfway with red wine. Add all of the slices of fruit/berries you’re using.

Add a few capfuls of citrus vodka (you can always add more later if you want to adjust the taste), and a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Top up with Sprite Zero/Tonic Water. Add sweetener to taste if needed. Top with fresh mint leaves.





Watermelon Lime Slushie

What you need:

-1 wedge of watermelon (with skin removed)

-2 small limes juiced

-Ice (a lot!)

-Sweetener to taste


How to make it:

Simply blend all ingredients except the sweetener in a blender for a few seconds, then check the taste and add sweetener as needed.

Continue to blend everything until the consistency is slushie-like! 





What you need:

-3 lemons, juiced

-1 lemon sliced (optional)

-1 teaspoon liquid stevia/powdered stevia (or other sweetener, in which case you may need more)

-2 pints water

How to make it:

Add the lemon juice to a pitcher/jug. Add the water, then the sweetener. Mix and taste, add more sweetener if needed. Add the slices of lemon and the ice, and serve!

To make Mint Lemonade, simply add fresh mint leaves (about ¼ cup) and stir.