The Benefits of Reflexology

Here at The Comfoot Zone, one of the treatments Deborah offers is Reflexology. You may have heard of it, but what exactly is it, and who can benefit from it?  Reflexology is a type of massage that can be done on the hands or feet (here at The Comfoot Zone, […]

How To Strengthen A Sprained Ankle

When you sprain your ankle, for the first few days it’s best to rest it, apply ice and keep it elevated as much as possible. But when it starts to feel a little better, there are some exercises you can do to strengthen it. Firstly, you can exercise the range […]

Do Runner’s Feet Swell?

I’ve written a post before about the fact that many runners think they need to buy bigger shoes for running, and why doing so actually causes more harm than good. But recently my attention was drawn to a study which set out to see whether there actually is a major […]

How To Prepare Your Feet For Summer!

Blog by Hatti It’s getting round to that time of year where we can ditch our coats and jumpers in favour of shorts and maybe the casual light jacket. But what about our feet? Don’t they deserve to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine too? It is surprising how many […]

Daily Foot Care Tips

In the middle of winter our feet are often neglected as they’re not on display. But it’s important to look after our feet all year round. Wash and moisturise your feet regularly, especially as you get older, as the skin on your feet gets very dry, and even more so […]

Diabetic Foot Care Tips

People with diabetes may be aware that they need to take extra care with their feet, but why is it so important? A high blood sugar level causes damage to nerves and leads to poor circulation, so it can result in loss of feeling in the feet. This lack of […]

Does Your Shoe Size Matter?

Do you know your correct foot size? Does it always stay the same? Does it matter? Let’s look at some facts!   Several studies have found that around 75% of people are wearing the wrong shoe size (length and width)! This can cause many foot problems, such as bunions, hammertoes […]

6 Foot Myths Busted!

I’ve worked in the foot care business for over 10 years now, so I’ve heard lots of misconceptions about feet in that time! Here’s a few ideas that are commonly believed to be facts, some of which are partially untrue, and others are complete myths! Shoes cause bunions. It seems […]

5 Common Foot Problems, Treatments and Prevention!

  We rely on our feet a lot, and considering how much we use them, it’s not surprising that most people encounter foot problems from time to time. But many of these foot problems are not only treatable, but preventable too! Here’s a list of 5 common foot problems and […]

What is a Medical Pedicure?

Summer is coming to an end- that means the socks will be going on and our feet will no longer be on show! It also means that when spring rolls around, there will be a sudden need to get our feet looking and feeling good again before we’re back in […]

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Toenails…

Recently, I was referred to a melanoma specialist to get something checked out. Luckily, it was a false alarm, but it made me aware of something I hadn’t realised before- melanoma can occur on the skin under the toenail.   As I researched it online, I saw that many people […]

Wilde Pedique Gel for Toenail Reconstruction

LCN Wilde Pedique gel was developed for corrective and restorative nail treatments. It can be used to reconstruct toenails damaged by infection or trauma, nails that are cracked or split, or simply to enhance healthy toenails.   Here at The Comfoot Zone, we select our products very carefully, as we want our […]

What You Need To Know About Fungal Nails….

Who is most at risk from getting a fungal nail infection?   Sorry diabetics- you are one group more at risk of developing a fungal infection– and anyone with poor circulation is also more likely to be affected. Other risk groups are those who regularly swim in a public pool, have a nail injury […]

Plantar Fasciitis- How to Relieve the Pain

Plantar Fasciitis- many people get diagnosed with this painful foot condition- but what is, and how can it be treated? Over a period of time, the plantar fascia ligament (a thick band of tissue which runs from the heel right down to below the toe bones on the plantar side […]

Feet Matter!

  Why Your Feet are Important… Your feet are the base of your body- the foundation of your whole skeleton.   Over the course of our lives, we put a lot of strain on them, by walking, standing, and exercising- largely on hard surfaces such as concrete. Our footwear also has […]

Help Your Feet to Age Well…

An average person will walk over 100,000 miles in a lifetime, so as we start to get older, we can expect to see changes in our feet. In this article I will explain a few natural changes you can expect, as well as ways you can help your feet to cope! […]

Baby Moccs are Awesome!

Baby Moccs are Awesome! Here at The Comfoot Zone, we absolutely love Mahaorla Moccasins, and here’s why! Firstly, it makes us happy when we see parents that are aware of how important it is to look after their child’s feet. We know parents want the best for their kids, and unfortunately it […]

Simple, Homemade Winter Foot Soaks…

  Fancy a nice treat after a long day in the cold? Here are some deliciously soothing foot soak ideas you could try this winter! 1.Heaven Scent. Weird as it may sound, jelly makes a great foot soak! Use half a packet/box in warm water. Jelly is great for skin and nails, […]

Do You Have An Ingrown Toenail?

Winter is upon us- which for me means a constant battle to stay warm! One area that seems to get cold quickly is the feet- which is why most people tend to keep their feet covered constantly in at least one layer of socks throughout the cold months! Add that […]

Can I Get Rid Of My Verruca?

What is a verruca? They are a type of wart that develop on the soles of the feet, and are generally flat and white, often with a black dot in the centre. Most people experience them at some time in their life, and they can be painful and unsightly. Verrucae are one way the human […]

How Can I Keep My Feet Warm This Winter?…

The weather is rapidly getting colder, and so are my feet! I’m often outside for most of the day in the cold, so I started wondering what I can do to stop my tootsies getting so frozen. The most important thing to remember is, wet feet are cold feet. And yes, […]

Our Vionic Sandals Range

Here at The Comfoot Zone, we value caring for our feet all year round. As you may know, Mr Hallett makes custom orthotic insoles which correct the position of the feet, enabling the alignment of the knees, hips and the whole skeletal structure to be put right. However, when it comes to the Summer […]

Should Running Shoes Be Bigger Than Regular Shoes?

Many people believe that their running shoes need to be considerably larger than their regular shoes. While researching this subject, I came across many people who say that to find a good running shoe, you should always go up at least half a size, sometimes one or two whole sizes! The reasons given are that […]

Common Foot Problems

Here are a few common foot problems that we can treat and advise here at The Comfoot Zone! 1.Fungal Nail Infections are caused when funghi that usually lives harmlessly on the skin multiplies. What to look for- At first there may be no obvious symptoms, but as it progresses it causes discolouration of the […]

Introducing Mahaorla Moccasins…

As you may know, we are pretty passionate about parents looking after their kids’ feet! If feet are neglected while they are developing- which goes from birth to late teens- this could lead to decades of pain and discomfort not just in the feet, but also in the knees, hips, back […]

Give Your Feet a Glance!

A lot of people can’t stand feet, and avoid looking at them as much as possible! They may not be the most attractive part of the body, but they do deserve more credit than they get, as they could actually alert you to a serious underlying medical condition! Here are a few examples. Dry, flaky skin, brittle nails, cold […]

Diabetics and Foot Care

I’ve frequently heard that diabetic people have to take extra care of their feet, but I never really knew why, so I decided to do some research and write about it for today’s blog! Due to increased glucose levels, people with diabetes usually suffer with nerve damage, which leads to peripheral neuropathy, causing […]

Exploring Barcelona in Various Sandals…

So, on day one in Barcelona I wore the leather sandals with the wedge, which in my previous post I said was about 2 inches, but in reality it’s actually about an inch! Uncharacteristically it was tipping it down with rain in Barca, so my feet got very wet and the […]

Testing Sandals to see if Footwear Really Matters…

On Sunday I will be jetting off to Barcelona, so as you can imagine I am extremely excited! The last time I went to Barcelona, however, we did a lot of walking- and for someone like me who suffers with fallen arches, this can be agonizing! So this time, I am going to be […]

LCN Wilde Pedique Toenail Reconstruction

LCN Wilde Pedique is a resin gel used for toenail reconstruction. It has unique adhesive properties so it can achieve great results on damaged nails, or on layers of callus where the nail is missing. It is able to hide ridges and discolouration, and looks and feels like a natural nail, […]

Exercises to Prevent Bunions

A bunion is a deformity of the base joint of the big toe, causing a painful, bony lump. Though they are hereditary, it’s interesting to note that they are very rare in countries where people don’t wear shoes, and it’s generally accepted that wearing tight, pointy or heeled shoes means more risk of developing bunions. Exercising the feet won’t get rid […]

5 Tips for Choosing Comfortable Summer Shoes!

The weather outside is gradually improving, and before we know it summer will be upon us! This excites me greatly! However, a few things about this season drive me crazy- and one of those is seeing so many people wearing the most awful footwear known to mankind. It is not for fashion […]

4 Foot Treats to Prepare Your Feet for Spring…

Spring is fast approaching, and we all know what that means- in no time at all sandal season will be upon us! If you’re anything like me, over the past few months your feet have been almost constantly in socks, and are certainly not looking very pretty. Here is four DIY foot […]

Magic Potion…

In this article I’m going to talk about an item that to me is an essential to my everyday life. It generally comes in the form of a small bottle of herbal oil, or sometimes cream, which is extremely useful and versatile. The name of this magical herb is lavender, and it can be used not only […]

A Brief Background of our Sandals- Vasyli, Orthaheel and Vionic.

Australian Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli founded Vasyli International in 1979. Vasyli made a huge impact on the podiatric medical scene with the invention of his first heat-moldable, pre-fabricated orthotic- a less expensive, more efficient alternative to traditional orthotic treatment.   The Orthaheel brand, which is designed to restore correct foot function […]

Plantar Fasciitis- 5 Ways to Relieve the Pain.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?   It’s a disorder that causes pain in the heel and bottom of the foot- it’s something that lots of people suffer with at some point in their life. The pain in the foot is usually worse after a period of inactivity, especially the first few […]

Treating Fungal Nail Infections

An extremely common nail problem is that of onychomycosis, or fungal infection of the nail. It is the most common of all nail diseases, primarily occurring in toenails although it can also affect fingernails.   How do you know if you have it?   At first it may not be […]

What Is a Foot Health Treatment?

Similar to a Chiropodist or Podiatrist a Foot Health Practitioner is trained to care for and treat the medical needs of your feet. Each Foot Care Treatment is tailored to your individual needs, and includes cutting and filing toenails, reducing thickened nails, plus advice and treatment for verrucae, corns, callus, […]

Who are Sidas?

Here at The Comfoot Zone we specialize in custom-made orthotic insoles, using equipment and materials created by a company called Sidas.   Three skiing instructors- Loïc David, Jacques Martin, and Gabriel Pellicot- established Sidas in 1975, with the aim of ensuring comfort for skiers by making a footbed molded to […]

3 Important Things You MUST Know about Your Child’s Feet!

  Most of us suffer at some time or other with aches and pains- often in our knees, hips, back or shoulders. Were you aware that this often stems from Biomechanical problems in the feet, meaning that if feet are cared for while they are developing, it could greatly lessen […]

Winter is Just Around the Corner!

It’s confirmed- dark mornings, cold evenings, and greyness in the air that tells us winter is just around the corner. You know what that means- time to put the flip flops away until next year and get those boots on! Personally as much as I love my flip flops, (they […]