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Wilde Pedique Gel for Toenail Reconstruction

LCN Wilde Pedique gel was developed for corrective and restorative nail treatments. It can be used to reconstruct toenails damaged by infection or trauma, nails that are cracked or split, or simply to enhance healthy toenails.   Here at The Comfoot Zone, we select our products very carefully, as we want our […]

4 VERY EASY Homemade Natural Face Masks….

Why spend a fortune on skincare products that are full of chemicals when you can so easily make your own natural ones?  I’ve compiled a few ideas on natural face masks below- all of them have only a few ingredients and will leave your face looking and feeling great! All […]

Are Berries Good For You?

Berries are, in my opinion, massively underrated. They are tiny, tasty bites of deliciousness filled with nutrients, and can aid weight loss, fight disease, and fill you up! Here’s a few of the many health benefits of berries… Blueberries  Blueberries are jam-packed (see what I did there?) full of antioxidants! They […]

Simple Ways to Protect Your Sight…

Our eyes are incredible- and very important! How can we keep them healthy? Here’s a few tips! Eating Right Will Protect Your Sight! Fruit and vegetables contain powerful antioxidants that maintain your eye health. Veggies such as kale, spinach, broccoli, peas and avocados are all high on the list! Citrus […]

An Insight Into Invisible Illnesses…

There are many illnesses people have that may not be obvious at all. It’s actually quite astounding the amount of people who suffer with Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and even Cancer- to name but a few! Many of my friends struggle with one or more of these […]

How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

We’ve been enjoying some amazing weather here in England, but as great as the sun feels on our skin, exposure to UV radiation is very damaging. It is actually the leading cause of skin cancer, plus it contributes to premature ageing. There’s two types of UV rays- UVA and UVB, and we need […]

Why You Need Vitamin D

Why do we need Vitamin D? Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium, promoting strong healthy bones and muscles. Some studies have linked higher levels of Vitamin D with lower risk of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and also depression. It also helps regulate the immune system, as […]

What You Need To Know About Fungal Nails….

Who is most at risk from getting a fungal nail infection?   Sorry diabetics- you are one group more at risk of developing a fungal infection– and anyone with poor circulation is also more likely to be affected. Other risk groups are those who regularly swim in a public pool, have a nail injury […]

How Can You Reduce Anxiety?

Most of us worry at times- perhaps when money is a bit tight, we have a presentation at work, or we are about to do something risky. Others suffer daily with more major anxiety problems. But what can we do when that feeling hits- how can we cope? Below is […]

Are You Sleeping Too Much?

I recently wrote about the benefits of making sure you get enough sleep. But what can happen if you’re sleeping too much? Can extra sleep at night help you feel less tired in the day? Is there a problem with having too much sleep? Let’s find out! As I said before, adults need […]

Plantar Fasciitis- How to Relieve the Pain

Plantar Fasciitis- many people get diagnosed with this painful foot condition- but what is, and how can it be treated? Over a period of time, the plantar fascia ligament (a thick band of tissue which runs from the heel right down to below the toe bones on the plantar side […]

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Are you getting the right amount of sleep? Sleep has a huge impact on our physical and mental health, and lack of sleep can take its toll on us. In this day and age, we live our lives being constantly busy, and trying to fit everything into our day can be […]

Feet Matter!

  Why Your Feet are Important… Your feet are the base of your body- the foundation of your whole skeleton.   Over the course of our lives, we put a lot of strain on them, by walking, standing, and exercising- largely on hard surfaces such as concrete. Our footwear also has […]

Stress Awareness: Vices to Avoid…

As I talked about in the last post, April is National Stress Awareness Month. We have already looked at bad behavioral habits that develop when we are stressed, and how we can replace these with good habits, but what about bad eating/drinking and reward-seeking habits that we may notice in […]

Stress Awareness: Swapping Bad Habits for Good Habits…

April is annual Stress Awareness Month, a thirty day period in which our country’s health care professionals and health promotion experts will join forces to raise awareness about the causes and cures for the constant stress problems our citizens are facing! Here is few helpful tips for coping with the stress […]

Broccoli to the Rescue!

A little while ago I wrote a post about the amazing benefits of avocado- which I stated is ‘one of the best foods ever’! While I remain loyally devoted to those delicious fruits, there is another green super food that is right up there with avocados when it comes to flavour, versatility, and nutrients. The vegetable I’m talking about is none other […]

Do You Really Need Dietary Supplements?

Vitamin and mineral supplements are a big business in the UK, with sales reaching over £400 million a year, and almost half of all Brits being daily users of some form of supplements! But could all these people be wasting their money? Are they actually good for us, or is it just a gimmick? […]

Food To Help Boost Your Health

We all feel under the weather sometimes, usually when it’s most inconvenient! There are certain foods we can eat to help boost our immune system, so incorporating these into our diets could help prevent us getting ill. Garlic Garlic contains the active ingredient allicin, which helps fight infection and bacteria. It has been […]

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Up to date statistics indicate that 1 in 2 UK people will get cancer at some point in their lives. I only just found out that March is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, so I thought I would look up a few facts about it and see what is being done to help. Each […]

4 Easy Ways To Help Your Heart

Almost 160,000 people in the UK die each year from Cardiovascular Disease, and around 42,000 of those people are under 75 years old! As there are around 7 million people in the UK living with CVD, I’m sure you’ll agree that keeping your heart healthy is one of the most important things to […]

3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Memory…

Most of us have had times where we just can’t remember something! It can be so frustrating, especially when you feel that it’s right on the tip of your tongue! For some, it can seem that their memory is getting worse and worse (me for one!) So here is a […]

Take A Look In The Mirror…

According to Chinese Face Mapping, you can tell a lot about what is going on inside your body simply by looking at your face! So depending on where on your face you breakout, you could have more serious issues going on inside. While many people are skeptical- could there be any truth behind this […]

3 Visible Signs You’re Unhealthy…

Our body is wonderfully made- and when something goes wrong, it generally doesn’t happen without warning! So here is a few ways that your body may be trying to alert you to an underlying problem… If you notice that you are looking paler, you could be anaemic. Anaemia is a condition where your body […]

Does Oil Really Benefit Dry Skin?…

As I have mentioned before, I suffer from very dry skin on my face, especially in the winter (most of the year here in England!) I have tried many, many varieties of different moisturizers, some of which have worked wonders, others of which have been completely useless. At the moment I use Vitamin E […]

Five Very Simple Ways You Can Help Our Planet Today!

Since 1950, we have consumed as much as all of the generations before us combined. The Earth is our beautiful home, and we are slowly destroying it. There are so many small, simple things each of us can easily do to help reduce our carbon footprint, and show respect for […]

‘Ave an Avocado…

Avocados- some people love them, some hate them! They have a unique taste and texture, and lately they seem to be used in a variety of foods- salads, wraps, on toast, and even in brownies! But they are more than a versatile fruit- they are full of nutrients and studies […]

Help Your Feet to Age Well…

An average person will walk over 100,000 miles in a lifetime, so as we start to get older, we can expect to see changes in our feet. In this article I will explain a few natural changes you can expect, as well as ways you can help your feet to cope! […]

Baby Moccs are Awesome!

Baby Moccs are Awesome! Here at The Comfoot Zone, we absolutely love Mahaorla Moccasins, and here’s why! Firstly, it makes us happy when we see parents that are aware of how important it is to look after their child’s feet. We know parents want the best for their kids, and unfortunately it […]

Simple, Homemade Winter Foot Soaks…

  Fancy a nice treat after a long day in the cold? Here are some deliciously soothing foot soak ideas you could try this winter! 1.Heaven Scent. Weird as it may sound, jelly makes a great foot soak! Use half a packet/box in warm water. Jelly is great for skin and nails, […]

Do You Have An Ingrown Toenail?

Winter is upon us- which for me means a constant battle to stay warm! One area that seems to get cold quickly is the feet- which is why most people tend to keep their feet covered constantly in at least one layer of socks throughout the cold months! Add that […]

Can I Get Rid Of My Verruca?

What is a verruca? They are a type of wart that develop on the soles of the feet, and are generally flat and white, often with a black dot in the centre. Most people experience them at some time in their life, and they can be painful and unsightly. Verrucae are one way the human […]

What is ‘Movember’?

What is ‘Movember’? We are approaching November, and as many of you may be aware, that means seeing a sudden increase in men sporting moustaches. Perhaps you’ve noticed this trend, but are not quite sure why. You may even be familiar with the term ‘Movember’, but what does it mean? On average […]

How Can I Keep My Feet Warm This Winter?…

The weather is rapidly getting colder, and so are my feet! I’m often outside for most of the day in the cold, so I started wondering what I can do to stop my tootsies getting so frozen. The most important thing to remember is, wet feet are cold feet. And yes, […]

How to Combat Dry Winter Skin…

The temperature outside has recently dipped, and for many of us this has a rather annoying effect on our skin. As soon as the weather changes, my skin goes from normal and clear to dry and flaky! So I decided to research how I can prevent my skin from excess dryness […]

Tips for Healthy, Strong Nails…

Many people suffer with nails that never seem to grow much, are dry, brittle, and easy to break. If you’re one of these people, here’s a few tips that will help you to transform your nails into the strong, healthy kind that you’ve always wanted! Moisturise! Our hands are exposed […]

Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, or Osteopath? Is There Much Difference?

I often hear people talking about visiting their Chiropractor or Osteopath, but in all honesty I’ve never really known the differences between the two, or how they differ from Physiotherapists. So I decided to do some research to find out what each one does, how they differ, and who benefits from them. I started my […]

Our Vionic Sandals Range

Here at The Comfoot Zone, we value caring for our feet all year round. As you may know, Mr Hallett makes custom orthotic insoles which correct the position of the feet, enabling the alignment of the knees, hips and the whole skeletal structure to be put right. However, when it comes to the Summer […]

Getting Back to the Gym After an Injury…

Many of our patients love to keep fit, and when they have sustained an injury that has held them back from hitting the gym, they just cant wait to get back to it! This attitude is great- but could result in worsening the injury and an even longer recovery time, […]

Should Running Shoes Be Bigger Than Regular Shoes?

Many people believe that their running shoes need to be considerably larger than their regular shoes. While researching this subject, I came across many people who say that to find a good running shoe, you should always go up at least half a size, sometimes one or two whole sizes! The reasons given are that […]

The Truth About Nail Polish…

Not many treats are as harmless as a nice manicure or pedicure, right? Unfortunately, depending on the brand you use, it could be quite the opposite!  Inside those little bottles of pretty coloured polishes there are some not so pretty chemicals- some are known carcinogens and others have been linked to fertility problems and organ damage. These chemicals have been shown to have adverse effects even […]

Common Foot Problems

Here are a few common foot problems that we can treat and advise here at The Comfoot Zone! 1.Fungal Nail Infections are caused when funghi that usually lives harmlessly on the skin multiplies. What to look for- At first there may be no obvious symptoms, but as it progresses it causes discolouration of the […]

Introducing Mahaorla Moccasins…

As you may know, we are pretty passionate about parents looking after their kids’ feet! If feet are neglected while they are developing- which goes from birth to late teens- this could lead to decades of pain and discomfort not just in the feet, but also in the knees, hips, back […]

Give Your Feet a Glance!

A lot of people can’t stand feet, and avoid looking at them as much as possible! They may not be the most attractive part of the body, but they do deserve more credit than they get, as they could actually alert you to a serious underlying medical condition! Here are a few examples. Dry, flaky skin, brittle nails, cold […]

Diabetics and Foot Care

I’ve frequently heard that diabetic people have to take extra care of their feet, but I never really knew why, so I decided to do some research and write about it for today’s blog! Due to increased glucose levels, people with diabetes usually suffer with nerve damage, which leads to peripheral neuropathy, causing […]

Exploring Barcelona in Various Sandals…

So, on day one in Barcelona I wore the leather sandals with the wedge, which in my previous post I said was about 2 inches, but in reality it’s actually about an inch! Uncharacteristically it was tipping it down with rain in Barca, so my feet got very wet and the […]

Testing Sandals to see if Footwear Really Matters…

On Sunday I will be jetting off to Barcelona, so as you can imagine I am extremely excited! The last time I went to Barcelona, however, we did a lot of walking- and for someone like me who suffers with fallen arches, this can be agonizing! So this time, I am going to be […]

LCN Wilde Pedique Toenail Reconstruction

LCN Wilde Pedique is a resin gel used for toenail reconstruction. It has unique adhesive properties so it can achieve great results on damaged nails, or on layers of callus where the nail is missing. It is able to hide ridges and discolouration, and looks and feels like a natural nail, […]

Exercises to Prevent Bunions

A bunion is a deformity of the base joint of the big toe, causing a painful, bony lump. Though they are hereditary, it’s interesting to note that they are very rare in countries where people don’t wear shoes, and it’s generally accepted that wearing tight, pointy or heeled shoes means more risk of developing bunions. Exercising the feet won’t get rid […]

5 Tips for Choosing Comfortable Summer Shoes!

The weather outside is gradually improving, and before we know it summer will be upon us! This excites me greatly! However, a few things about this season drive me crazy- and one of those is seeing so many people wearing the most awful footwear known to mankind. It is not for fashion […]

How the Sun affects Surgical Scars…

As summer approaches, those with surgical scars (particularly recent ones) need to be extra careful in the sun! After surgery, a patient will usually be left with a scar. It’s important to properly take care of scars, to reduce the risk of infection and to help it fully heal. As mentioned, […]

4 Foot Treats to Prepare Your Feet for Spring…

Spring is fast approaching, and we all know what that means- in no time at all sandal season will be upon us! If you’re anything like me, over the past few months your feet have been almost constantly in socks, and are certainly not looking very pretty. Here is four DIY foot […]

One of my Favourite Success Stories

Our Physiotherapist and Bio-Mechanist Mr Terry Hallett has had the pleasure of helping thousands of people to recover from various problems in their feet, but one of his best success stories to date is that of a young local dancer, Ryan Pellett. Back in 2006 Ryan, who was a member of Freestyle Dance Academy and a football player for Worthing […]

Magic Potion…

In this article I’m going to talk about an item that to me is an essential to my everyday life. It generally comes in the form of a small bottle of herbal oil, or sometimes cream, which is extremely useful and versatile. The name of this magical herb is lavender, and it can be used not only […]

Prevent Hip, Knee and Back Pain!

It is estimated that one in five UK adults suffer with flat feet, although many may not be aware of it. What many people are also unaware of is that if left untreated, this can lead to serious damage to the knees, hips, back and shoulders.   Most of the […]

A Brief Background of our Sandals- Vasyli, Orthaheel and Vionic.

Australian Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli founded Vasyli International in 1979. Vasyli made a huge impact on the podiatric medical scene with the invention of his first heat-moldable, pre-fabricated orthotic- a less expensive, more efficient alternative to traditional orthotic treatment.   The Orthaheel brand, which is designed to restore correct foot function […]

Plantar Fasciitis- 5 Ways to Relieve the Pain.

What is Plantar Fasciitis?   It’s a disorder that causes pain in the heel and bottom of the foot- it’s something that lots of people suffer with at some point in their life. The pain in the foot is usually worse after a period of inactivity, especially the first few […]

Tropic Skincare- We Love It!

Tropic Skincare was started in 2004 by an Australian girl named Susan Ma, who had grown up in Cairns and moved to London. Her passion for natural skincare along with the desire to earn a bit of money drove her to create her first Tropic Product- the Body Smooth Polish- […]

Treating Fungal Nail Infections

An extremely common nail problem is that of onychomycosis, or fungal infection of the nail. It is the most common of all nail diseases, primarily occurring in toenails although it can also affect fingernails.   How do you know if you have it?   At first it may not be […]

What Is a Foot Health Treatment?

Similar to a Chiropodist or Podiatrist a Foot Health Practitioner is trained to care for and treat the medical needs of your feet. Each Foot Care Treatment is tailored to your individual needs, and includes cutting and filing toenails, reducing thickened nails, plus advice and treatment for verrucae, corns, callus, […]

Who are Sidas?

Here at The Comfoot Zone we specialize in custom-made orthotic insoles, using equipment and materials created by a company called Sidas.   Three skiing instructors- Loïc David, Jacques Martin, and Gabriel Pellicot- established Sidas in 1975, with the aim of ensuring comfort for skiers by making a footbed molded to […]

3 Important Things You MUST Know about Your Child’s Feet!

  Most of us suffer at some time or other with aches and pains- often in our knees, hips, back or shoulders. Were you aware that this often stems from Biomechanical problems in the feet, meaning that if feet are cared for while they are developing, it could greatly lessen […]

Winter is Just Around the Corner!

It’s confirmed- dark mornings, cold evenings, and greyness in the air that tells us winter is just around the corner. You know what that means- time to put the flip flops away until next year and get those boots on! Personally as much as I love my flip flops, (they […]

Welcome to the New Website!

We are pleased to launch our new website,! It’s great to have it up and running, and we’re looking forward to seeing it take shape as we continue to tweak and refine it. We also have a new email address that you can reach us on-, so please […]