Are These Old Wives Tales Proved True By Science?


  • You shouldn’t swim after eating!


When you eat, your body increases blood flow to your stomach to aid with digestion, which means less oxygen is available for your arms and legs, which can lead to cramps.

But considering this was something we were told as kids, it was a bit over the top – because in order for this to happen, a person would have to eat a huge meal and follow with intense exercise.

Having a snack or a small meal and then splashing around in the pool with your friends is very unlikely to result in cramps.


  • If you swallow your chewing gum, it stays inside you for seven years!


Actually, chewing gum passes through the digestive system just like any other food. Swallowing a lot of gum in a short amount of time could cause issues, however, as they could stick together and block the digestive tract.


  • Fish is brain food!

Fatty acids such as omega-3s found in oily fish are very beneficial for brain health, so this old wives tale turned out to be completely true!


  • Sitting too close to the TV ruins your eyesight!


This used to be true – back when TVs were fairly new they would emit radiation that could damage eyesight. But nowadays this doesn’t happen, they have built-in shields to block radiation. The main threat from TVs now would be eye strain or fatigue, both of which are cured by a little bit of rest.


  • Carrots help you see in the dark!

This is partly true, as carrots do promote good eye health. They contain beta-carotene, which helps produce vitamin A.

Vitamin A contributes to preventing cataracts too, and a deficiency can cause difficulty seeing when it’s dark, so technically eating carrots could improve night vision!  


  • Shaving your hair makes it grow back thicker and darker!

In my experience, this is something that many people believe to be true. But in actual fact, it’s just an illusion.

When we observe grown out hair it appears thinner because the ends of the hairs are naturally tapered. When you shave, it cuts the hair straight across at the thickest part of the hair. It also seems stiffer because it’s shorter, and may look darker against the background of your skin!