4 Natural Secrets to Prevent Colds/Flu!

So winter is on its way, and already there’s been some nasty colds making the rounds! I was unfortunate enough to catch one, and in my frantic attempts to get well quickly, I ended up researching lots of natural cold remedies, and testing them out!


Unfortunately I already had the cold when I started trying these out, so it still lasted a week, although I will say it certainly eased the symptoms much quicker than normal- though i was still sniffly and tired by the 4th day, the symptoms weren’t as bad as they usually are (I have a weakness in my ears and usually they get blocked, plus I usually lose my sense of taste for 2-3 days, neither of which happened!), so in my opinion these remedies worked- although it seems that they work better if you use them as soon as you get the first feeling of having a cold.


Without further ado, here they are:


Raw Garlic

This is the hero of food and the most effective immune system booster that exists! Garlic contains a compound called alliin, and when it’s crushed or chopped it turns into a powerful substance called allicin. For various reasons, most of us have stress/inflammation in our bodies which cause our immune systems to weaken. Enter garlic, which studies have shown boosts the immune system to help prevent flu and colds!

It needs to be consumed raw in order to have the full effects, as allicin is destroyed when it’s heated. Try having it on toast with butter and parsley, or with honey. Or try mixing with olive oil and herbs and dipping bread into it.

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are packed with antioxidants and nutrients such as Vitamin C and Fiber. Studies have shown that elderberries improve immune function and help to fight off/prevent flus and colds. How? They contain a protein which is able to stop a virus’ ability to replicate, meaning it either prevents infection, or if already infected it helps to fight it quicker. Since recovering from my cold, I’ve been taking about 10mls a day of Sambucol Extra as a preventative measure!

If you’re interested, here is a link to this on Amazon:

Elderflower/Elderberry Tea

Both the berries and flowers of this plant contain numerous compounds that support the immune system. As mentioned above, the small black berries contain powerful antioxidants which fight off viruses. Research has shown that the elderflower too is effective in killing off pathogens, and it is able to remove excess mucus and reduce inflammation in the body.



This delicious spice is packed with antioxidants, helping the body fight infections.

It boosts your immune system, prevents colds, and helps with a speedy recovery.



There are five more natural things I tried that I’ll write about in part two of this post, so stay tuned!