Are Berries Good For You?

Berries are, in my opinion, massively underrated. They are tiny, tasty bites of deliciousness filled with nutrients, and can aid weight loss, fight disease, and fill you up! Here’s a few of the many health benefits of berries…


Blueberries are jam-packed (see what I did there?) full of antioxidants! They help to neutralize free-radical damage in the cells, and reduce the risk of diseases such as heart disease, along with other disorders like glaucoma, cataracts, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and peptic ulcers!

They help slow down the aging process and can even protect against cancer!


These sweet red beauties are full of antioxidants called phenols, which fight disease and promote good health in general. They have so many different helpful nutrients in that they are essential to a healthy diet!

They’re also great for eye health and help to fight macular degeneration, and studies have found them effective in fighting cancer cells.


Quite possibly my favourite berry, this yummy treat contains ellagic acid, a compound that prevents cancer! They are full of fiber which helps you feel full for longer, and it also contains manganese, which speeds up the metabolism, thus being a great help for losing weight!

Like strawberries, they help prevent macular degeneration. They’re not just for eating either, as raspberries blended with natural yoghurt makes a great face mask, helping fill in wrinkles and restoring a youthful complexion!


Cherries are so versatile and flavoursome, and they are also bursting with goodness! Like the others, they also help fight against cancer. Additionally, cherries are great to help with inflammation, including gout. They contain melatonin which promotes regeneration in the body and improves sleep.

They also help with pain relief for arthritis, and can lower the risk of stroke! They’re even more useful than they seem!


Most people are aware of the usefulness of these little red delights in helping with urinary tract infections. But are they a one-trick berry? No they’re not! They also (here’s a surprise!) help fight cancer, and they’re beneficial for oral health.

They also prevent cardiovascular disease, ulcers, and inflammation. There’s so much more to them than just a sauce to put with turkey!


As we can see, berries are pretty amazing! They taste exquisite, fill us up, can be eaten or drank in a variety of ways, and are extremely good for our health! Lets get eating those berries!