They have a wide range of incredible skincare products- including bath products, makeup, and even a collection for men! Deborah often uses their products in her treatments here because they are so beneficial, as well as chemical-free- so they really tick all of the boxes!

As you may know, here at The Comfoot Zone we strive to always use products that are chemical-free where possible, and that is why we ADORE Tropic Skincare!

The range is completely Vegan and no products are used which cause harm or distress to animals. Their ingredients are 100% naturally derived or nature identical. PLUS they are amazingly effective!

One of the best things about these wonderful products is the way they make people feel. In our line of work our goal is for people to feel healthy, happy, and comfortable, and Tropic Skincare helps us achieve this. They are so natural that they leave skin glowing and radiant, and as soon as people start using the products they fall in love with them, because they look and feel better than ever before!

Host a Tropic Pamper Experience!

Get together with friends for  fun, indulgence, and the ultimate VIP shopping experience…

 Including free skincare consultations, exclusive hostess gifts, and free Tropic products!

If you would like more info on Tropic Skincare, or hosting a Pamper Experience, ask us below...

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