Diabetics and Foot Care

I’ve frequently heard that diabetic people have to take extra care of their feet, but I never really knew why, so I decided to do some research and write about it for today’s blog!

Due to increased glucose levels, people with diabetes usually suffer with nerve damage, which leads to peripheral neuropathy, causing a loss of feeling in the feet. It also affects blood supply to the feet. Because of both of these factors, often the person could damage their foot without noticing, and the lack of blood flow makes it hard for even a minor injury to heal, so can lead to infections or ulcers.

It is important for all of us, but diabetics in particular, to wear shoes that fit properly and don’t rub or squeeze your feet. Try to avoid walking barefoot, especially outdoors! Another thing to try to avoid is sitting cross-legged, as this restricts circulation. Make sure you see a professional to care for your foot health problems, such as corns, callus, and toenail cutting- at least once a year!

It is also vital to check your feet at least once a day, as you may not notice if you hurt them. Be careful of socks with elastic as this could limit your circulation.

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