Beauty at The Comfoot Zone

New for 2019, The Comfoot Zone are excited to offer beauty treatments using amazing natural vegan skincare products!

We’re passionate about using chemical-free products to help you protect, enhance and look after your skin.

Deluxe Tropic Facial


We love Tropic Skincare so much that we now offer a deluxe facial using these incredible products.

The range is completely Vegan and no products are used which cause harm or distress to animals. Their ingredients are 100% naturally derived or nature identical. PLUS they are amazingly effective!

Deborah will  gently cleanse your skin, followed by a rejuvinating exfoliation, a refresh and hydrate, and end with a relaxing massage.

This treatment is only available with Deborah.


Deluxe Tropic Facial – £26 (approx. 25 mins)

Hydrating Galvanic Spa Facial 

A Galvanic Spa machine uses galvanic currents along with specially formulated products to draw impurities out of the skin and replace them with beneficial nutrients.

Often just one treatment is needed to see a remarkable decrease in fine lines and wrinkles! This facial is also completely chemical-free and Vegan, and will leave you with beautifully hydrated, glowing skin!

After cleansing, Deborah will gently exfoliate and steam your skin and apply a hydrating mask, followed by a refresh and then an oil massage, galvanic spa plumping treatment, and finished with eye and lip hydration.

This treatment is only available with Deborah.


Hydrating Galvanic Spa Facial – £46 (approx. 55 mins)